Video Gallery

Katie Makes Pasta With Raw Sauce

This is a very quick and easy sauce to make for pasta. Pasta Alla Checca (Pasta with raw sauce) is full of fresh flavours and can be made while your pasta boils.

Making Fettuccine

Giancarlo uses the pasta machine to make Fettuccine. You can also roll out the pasta ensuring that you keep your surface and the rolling pin well floured so it doesn’t stick. The ideal thickness is about 1mm so when you hold it up you can see your fingers through the pasta.

Easy Fresh Pasta

Giancarlo shows how easy it is to make fresh pasta in a blender using 1 egg for each 100g of 00 flour.

Hot Bacon Salad Dressing

Here’s a recipe from ‘Around the World in Salads’. It’s a really tasty salad of round lettuce, gorgonzola, toasted pine nuts and a hot bacon dressing.

Tips & Tricks

Here’s how Giancarlo keeps his green herbs fresher longer in the fridge. They can also be frozen after this method.

Tasty Orange Salad

Here’s Katie’s recipe for a salad of orange and avocado that is surprisingly simple but really tasty. It’s from the Caldesi book ‘Around the World in Salads’.

Tips and Tricks

Having read an article on how A&E departments are seeing more and more cases of people cutting themselves while removing the stone from an avocado this is Giancarlo’s tip to safely removing them.

Porcini Pasta

Giancarlo’s quick and easy porcini pasta using dried porcini, herbs, garlic and some cream.

Babbo's Eggs

Giancarlo makes a quick and simple breakfast dish using some tomato sauce (see video below for recipe) and fresh eggs laid by his own hens.

Basic Tomato Sauce

Giancarlo shows us how he makes his base tomato sauce – the building block for many Italian pasta dishes.

Giancarlo's Chef's Skills

Giancarlo shows us how he serves an orange learned from the days when he used to wait tables in Rome.

Giancarlo's Herby Stuffing For Porchetta

From Giancarlo’s ‘Basics of Italian’ series here’s a recipe for herby stuffing for Porchetta or to stuff into roast chicken.

Katie's Healthy Cauli Parcels

Here’s Katie showing us some of her favourite healthy eating dishes. Cauliflower parcels are easy to prepare and taste great too!

Giancarlo Chops an Onion

For the novice cook who’s just starting out … Giancarlo shows us how to chop and onion.

Perfect Pizza Sauce

Katie and Giancarlo make the perfect tomato sauce for pizza.

Make Pizza al metro

Katie and Giancarlo make ‘Pizza by the metre’. A great recipe that’s perfect for an al fresco summer lunch.

Easy Peasy Cheesy Pasta

Katie shows us a very simple way to use up left over cheese from the fridge for a quick supper…Tasty!

Bologna's Famous Pasta Sisters at Caffe Caldesi

Bologna’s famous pasta making sisters Daniela and Monica Zappoli of  Le Sfogline visited Caffe Caldesi and cooked up a wonderful lunch showcasing the best of their artisan pasta making skills. It was a wonderfully enlightening and fun day topped up with a feast of perfect past.

A Visit to La Cucina

Wine expert Christina Pickard visited La Cucina Caldesi for a flavour of what we do and made some tasty Italian dishes why she was there. See more about Christina here.

Katie Makes A Ragu

Katie demonstrates how to make the perfect ragu for ‘A Different Kind of Woman’.

A Simple Dessert From Katie

Katie Cooks – Whipped Ricotta with preserved cherries and amaretti crunch.

Private Dining at La Cucina - Amalfi

We filmed one of our private dining experiences at La Cucina. This one is for the Amalfi table. You can hire La Cucina for a private dining experience for up to 20 people and choose from regional menus covering Amalfi, Venice, Piedmont, Sicily, Rome … the list keeps growing!

Private Dining at La Cucina Caldesi - The Venetian Feast

Private Dining at La Cucina Caldesi Venetian style. You can hire La Cucina for a private dining experience for up to 20 people. You will have your own chef, own serving staff and the choice of regional menu and wines or you can even create your own bespoke menu too!

Caldesi in Campagna on Coolcucumber TV

Giancarlo talks about what makes Caldesi in Campagna and the authentic cooking that makes it such a special place and a favourite in the Bray area.

Giancarlo and Katie make a Pasta Dish from Amalfi

When Coolcucumber TV came to La Cucina Caldesi Giancarlo and Katie cooked up a simple pasta dish from Amalfi.

Giancarlo Cooks with Let's CooK


Giancarlo visited the Let’s Cook kitchen to inspire some young people with some great Italian cookery.

Pizza with Giancarlo

It was Movember and Giancarlo was cooking pizza with Beer Moretti. Fun for a great cause.

A Salad of Endive and Gorgonzola

Giancarlo and Katie show how to make a simple salad of endive and Gorgonzola. Simple and tasty and great as a party snack.