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Pasta Lover's WeekPasta Lover's WeekPasta Lover's WeekPasta Lover's WeekPasta Lover's Week

Pasta Lover’s Week

Date: June 25th 2018 - July 1st 2018
TIme: All Day

To celebrate the launch of Giancarlo and Katie’s latest book ‘The Long and Short of Pasta’ we’re holding a Pasta Lover’s Week at our restaurants in Marylebone and Bray on Thames.

From June 25th through to July 1st there will be a special menu available featuring some stand-out pasta dishes from the book. Some will be dishes you know but may not have experienced cooked to a truly authentic recipe and others are less well known dishes that will surprise and delight.

We’ll also be holding demos throughout the week at both restaurants and will be posting times and dates soon.


The Featured Dishes:-


Think you know Spaghetti Carbonara? Come and taste it made theauthentic way where the flecks of pepper represent the coal dust the dish was named after and crispy guanciale delivers an umami burst of flavour.

Giancarlo says “It’s made to a very old recipe given to us by Roman restaurateur Roscioli”.



The punchy, spicy flavours of this classic sauce enrich a bronze die cut spaghetti.

Giancarlo says “As a young waiter living in Rome, we cooked this up in huge bowls when we came in late at night from dancing”.


Ravioli al Cacao Ripleni di Gorgonzola e Noci

 Fresh cocoa pasta is used to make these Venetian ravioli which are stuffed with a filling of Gorgonzola and walnuts and served in a lemon, rosemary and butter sauce.

Giancarlo says “Fabulously nutty chocolate pasta with a sensational taste”


Pasta Alla Checca

Pasta with ‘raw sauce’ made with tomatoes, capers, olives, mozzarella, basil, chili and garlic and then finished with ricotta.

Giancarlo says “Spicy, colourful raw sauce on hot pasta topped with salty ricotta that melts into it. Very different than a normal plate of pasta”


Fettuccine with Lobster

 Silky strands of fettuccine with sweet, fresh lobster and a sauce made from extra virgin olive oil, chilli, tomatoes and garlic.

Giancarlo says “For lovers of the sea. Pricey but worth it.”


Sea bass Ravioli

Soft pillows of fresh pasta stuffed with sea bass and served in a lemon butter sauce with a tomato concasse. A Caldesi signature dish.

Giancarlo says “Our own pasta recipe from the 80’s; unchanged and always a crowd pleaser.”


Cappello Di Fratte

A single large ravioli made with fresh pasta and stuffed with spinach and ricotta with a runny egg yolk in the middle.

Giancarlo says “the shape is a monk’s hat hence the name; it is the middle that gives the surprise”


Gnocchi Ripieni

There’s no potato in these light gnocchi which are made using smoked cheese and ricotta from Amalfi and are served in a simple tomato sauce.

Giancarlo says “A delight and an unusual recipe from the Amalfi coast that we learnt when we wrote our book about this stunning area of Italy.”  


Pasta con le Sarde

A Sicilian dish of spaghetti with fresh sardines in a wild fennel sauce which combines both Arab and Italian influences.

Giancarlo says “Sicily at its best. Earth and sea in a fabulous combination.”



Elevating the rustic lasagne to a whole new level this Tuscan version is the perfect example of how simple ingredients cooked slow and long deliver results.

Giancarlo says “My Mother’s recipe that she always made with love. I kept her recipe exactly and her way of layering up the sauces and pasta.”

The dishes will range  in price from £9 to £15 per portion with a supplement based on market price for the fresh lobster spaghetti.