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The Best Broadbean Pate…


Broad bean and mint dip
Franco Taruschio made me this vibrant green dip in spring when he instructed our family in picking the long, green leaves of wild garlic. It is often found by rivers and now the children recognise the smell and gather it for us when we are out walking. The leaves have a gentler flavour than garlic bulbs. …

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Quick, Tasty, Simple and Versatile…


This brilliantly useful paste couldn’t be easier to make and can be spread over hot toast, cooled crostini or stirred into pasta or risotto. We use it to top crostini and then put whatever vegetables we have over the top for canapés or a quick lunch. Try steamed asparagus or shelled broad beans.
Crema di parmigiano per crostini
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Step into the Beet….

Beetroot patties and avocado dip2

Beetroot Polpettine with an Avocado Dip
There are SO many reasons to eat these deep pink patties and feel good! Beetroot is full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful anti-oxidants. The leaves are good to eat to and even better for you. Cook them as you would spinach. Turmeric has medicinal properties as it contains compounds called …

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